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Property Maintenance Made Easy

What is is a platform for property owners all across Sweden. Every property deserves top-notch care to ensure that you and your guests enjoy a pleasant and relaxing time in your home. We offer a variety of customizable services to keep your property fresh and looking its best.

Who is for?

Do you have a summer cottage or a boat on the coast, a rental property in a city, town, or village located a long distance from your home, or does your home simply need some regular Tender-Loving-Care? If so, we can help make sure your property or boat is in great condition all year round. is perfect for property owners who:

  • Rent out their properties on platforms such as Airbnb and
  • Away on Vacations or Business trips
  • Live long distances from their investment properties
  • Need checking-in on Homes and Boats after severe weather events

Basic Services

Below you will find a summary of our basic services.

Interior & Exterior Supervision

We come and check the inside and outside of your property to ensure it is in good condition.

Supervision during Rental

During the rental of the property, we offer supervision before, during, and after the stay, and act as a contact person.


When the season is over, we handle water, heating, and garden maintenance in preparation for the winter season.

Craftsmen & Deliveries

We are present to allow craftsmen and other approved visitors access and ensure security.

Cleaning & Ventilation

We clean/ventilate your property before the vacation. We can also provide ozone cleaning and arrange for groceries and flowers.

Coming Soon...

More services will be added soon. Stay tuned!

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